Esseci has been producing DF (Dual Faced Seals) or DC (Duo Cone Seals) oil & amp and earthmoving machinery sectors for 40 years. We mainly deal with two types of material belonging to the white cast iron family: Ni-Hard and High-Chrome. For the Italian engineering industry its experience is a strong point of reference. Backed by know-how and extensive knowledge of finishing techniques, Esseci has maintained over the years, high quality standards and considerable flexibility in production that have allowed the company to become a reliable partner for major international groups. Sealing groups of different diameters are available, depending on the customer’s needs, and can be made with forged steel rings or high-bonded cast iron. The quality of the product is guaranteed by the possibility of performing functional tests on site to verify, in real time, the tightness of the different group. Esseci sealing units, appreciated for their quality, are widely used in earthmoving machinery, agricultural machinery, sand conditioning equipment, concrete and cement mixers, gearboxes, etc.

Esseci was founded in Polesella (Rovigo) by Livio Carcioli thanks to his many years of experience in the industry internationally.

Esseci is acquired by CEP, which makes a new business choice for expansion and strengthening on the market, focusing on mutual synergies and features that characterize both companies.